We are a Nordic Swan Ecolabel printing company.

As part of Sweden's Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printers, we work for a more sustainable print production. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel covers everything from the paper to the printing methods we use. We prefer to choose Nordic Swan Ecolabeled raw materials and products when purchasing, which contributes to a lower carbon footprint. We also recommend all our customers to let the need control the edition. By not printing more than necessary, you can both help the environment and save money.

Why the Nordic Swan?

We share the Nordic Swan’s vision of a sustainable society with a sustainable consumption. This makes it an easy choice for us to work according to their guidelines. But it requires a lot from us as a company. To earn the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, we must meet a variety of conditions – which are constantly updated and tightened. For example, it involves minimizing the number of harmful substances in production and reducing emissions linked to energy and transport.

Here you can read more about what it means to be a Nordic Swan Ecolabeled company.

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