Our logistics solutions make life easier.

At Alfredssons, printing production and logistics go hand in hand. We offer in-house distribution and third-party logistics services. With print on demand, we print the orders for immediate delivery, but we can also store your printed materials if the need arises.

Automated flows and delivery worldwide.

With us as a partner, everything becomes smoother. We handle the integration of our 3PL solution and make sure everything flows. Incoming orders are automatically compiled in the system and go directly to print. We monitor production, pack the order and ship it to the customer. And you can always follow the order status directly in a dashboard that gives you full control. We work with many e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

When it comes to deliveries, we distribute worldwide. We work with all leading shipping companies, including DHL, UPS and PostNord. You simply choose the shipping company that suits your e-commerce best.
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This is where we are delivering right now.

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