Start-up in wall art — or already an established name and ready to continue your growth? We at Alfredssons help you with print on demand and distribution. Production takes place according to agreed lead times and delivery to recipients with several different choices of shipping methods. Our process ensures quality and through our high capacity we can handle large volumes of orders, making us a reliable partner.

The benefits of print on demand.

Forget expensive inventory costs and instead think about what opportunities you want to give your customer. Paper selection, format and embossing for example. We can also customize your shipments to match the experience you want to provide. Perhaps a particularly careful packaging, a thank you card or a discount code? Get in touch and we'll tell you more about the possibilities.

Alfredssons keeps your promises.

We know that you put your customers' experience in our hands. That's why we never compromise on our work. We've invested heavily in technology with a 3PL solution and integration that ensures everything works properly with your e-commerce. We control the entire order flow and ensure that we always deliver print on demand with high quality, on time and with smooth communication. This also applies to how we handle customer returns and complaints. This means you can spend your time developing your e-commerce in other areas.

Order a sample kit.

Would you like to take a closer look at our different frames and papers? Order a sample kit before deciding what you want to offer your customer.
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Seven reasons to choose Alfredssons.

Here we list some of the main reasons to choose us. Contact us if you want more.
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Swedish quality.

We are a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled printing company with high ambitions in quality and sustainability. More than 90 international online retailers choose us.

Global delivery.

We deliver daily to the whole world and cooperate with all leading shipping companies. We choose optimal shipping and delivery options for checkout. Our size allows us to negotiate better prices for your e-commerce business.

Branding and customizations.

Enhance the experience by customising the delivery to each recipient. For example, thank you cards, embossing, framing or certificates of authenticity for limited editions. We help you with the details that strengthen your brand.

Dedicated production team.

The same production team always handles your orders, ensuring consistently high quality.

Personalized customer service.

We're just a phone call away when you need to clarify something or if your customer has questions about their order.

Seamless integration and logistics.

Through our webshop integration, production is automated, tracking links are fed back to the shop and through a dashboard you get a transparent view of the production.

Wholesale — delivery to retailers.

Do you want us to deliver to retailers? After many wholesale deliveries around the world, we know what is required in terms of packing, marking, labelling, customs documents and distribution.

Print on demand with high quality, on time and with smooth communication.

213 000+
Deliveries per year
Number of countries we ship to.
5.9 million
M² print per year.
E-commerce integrations.
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